paid paid [peɪd] adjective
1. paid work is work which you receive money for:

• It will become increasingly difficult for those over retirement age to obtain any paid work with which to supplement their pension.

2. HUMAN RESOURCES a paid worker receives money for the work which he or she does:

• 75 percent of all paid employees work in firms with less than 100 workers.

3. TAX if a tax, bill etc is paid, a payment has been made for the money that was owed:

• Unless the bottles are stamped " duty paid", the wine cannot be sold.

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paid UK US /peɪd/ adjective
FINANCE, ECONOMICS a paid job, activity, or period of time is one for which you are given money: »

After retiring from politics, he earned millions giving paid speeches and writing books.

paid job/position/post »

Ms. Larkin later took a paid government post.

paid work/employment »

Many of these women, aged 40 and over, are just returning to paid employment.

paid holiday/vacation/leave »

Labor unions have made paid family leave a top priority.

paid overtime/time off »

Will we receive paid overtime for the extra work?


Employees who work Christmas Day are given a paid day off in compensation.

low-paid/poorly paid »

In the interview, she mentioned the number of black workers in low-paid jobs.

high-paid/well-paid »

Students want to get a degree and start work in a well-paid career.

FINANCE, ECONOMICS a paid worker, employee, etc. is given money for work that they do: »

For years, he was a paid informant to the police.

a paid consultant/advisor/contractor »

Ms. Minow also criticized the wisdom of using paid advisers as consultants.

high-paid/best-paid »

He has been called Britain's highest-paid civil servant.

low-paid/poorly paid »

The people who clean our most expensive buildings are often our most poorly paid employees.

Compare VOLUNTEER(Cf. ↑volunteer)
ACCOUNTING, TAX used to talk about an amount of money that was owed to someone for which a payment has been made: »

The invoice was marked 'paid' in red letters.


I spent my day filing paid bills in a dark basement.


a paid parking ticket

COMMERCE a paid service is one which people must pay for in order to have it: »

The paid internet service was three times faster than the free one.


The magazine also publishes paid business listings in its back pages.

COMMERCE used to describe a person who has paid money for a service: »

The news website has 2 million paid subscribers.

See also DELIVERED DUTY PAID(Cf. ↑delivered duty paid), DUTY-PAID(Cf. ↑duty-paid), EMPLOYER-PAID(Cf. ↑employer-paid), FULLY-PAID SHARES(Cf. ↑fully-paid shares), PARTLY-PAID SHARES(Cf. ↑partly-paid shares), POSTAGE PAID(Cf. ↑postage paid) adjective, PREPAID(Cf. ↑prepaid), REPLY PAID(Cf. ↑reply paid), UNDERPAID(Cf. ↑underpaid), UNPAID(Cf. ↑unpaid)

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